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Cutting or Tearing Paper

Cutting is an excellent activity promoting focus and motor control. It’s very satisfying and promotes strength in the fingers for writing. Some children may not be ready for scissors, or youmay not have scissors at home. You can also teach tearing paper.

SUPPLIES -Scissors. -Small Tray or Plate -Thick paper is best, like card stock or tag board. Stiff paper is actually easier to cut, but any paper will do.

DIRECTIONS (CUTTING) -Pre-cut paper into strips, about 1 inch wide. The strip will allow the child to cut fully across in one cut, which is very satisfying :) -Teaching children to sit, to cut only the paper (not hair, toys, etc) promotes respect for the tools. Teaching to cut into a tray promotes a sense of order. -To extend the activity, draw lines on the strips for them to follow.

DIRECTIONS (TEARING) -Show child to pinch paper with index and thumb, about 1 inch apart. Suggest Child tries to continue tearing into little squares. -Construction paper works well for tearing.

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