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Animal Bath / Car Wash

What a better way to encourage hand washing than to play in a big tub of soapy water!


  • Dish tub, cooking pot, plastic “shoebox,” or any shallow container to hold about a quart of water.

  • soap

  • Toy animals or cars

  • Nailbrush, dish brush, or old toothbrush; sponges or scrubbers (optional)

  • Bath towel for the floor!

Directions 6-12m: let the babies splash in the water. Drop a toy in to see if they can find it. 12-24m: Show them how to wash the toys, and really let them explore the materials. Name each item as you wash it. 2-3y: show them the steps of dipping, scrubbing, drying with a small towel or corner of the bath towel. Set up a pile for “dirty” and “clean.” Name the parts of each animal/car as you scrub them.

Here is Archie demonstrating his animal bath. This kept him busy for about an hour yesterday!

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