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A bit about us...

Lovely Day opened its doors in April 2014.  We are an Attachment Parenting preschool which means that childcare is a continuation of the nurturing care given by the parents and focuses on responding to the child's needs.  It is our goal to create a nurturing, playful and inspiring classroom.  Our curriculum flows with the energy of the children and you will find us working with music, food, languages or outside on our custom built playground.  We are familiarized with Montessori and Waldorf educational teaching methods and utilize its genius often, but in general we focus on play, healthy boundaries and the benefits of socialization at this age.  

In order to maintain a high level senstivitity, attention and care for each child we offer the following manifesto: 


  • No-one knows your child better that you and we respect and honor your intuition. 

  • We will provide snacks and fresh produce -- organic whenever possible and from a local CSA when in season.

  • Allergies will be handled with the utmost care.

  • We take great care to settle children peacefully to sleep; CIO will not be practiced.

  • We use corelle dishes and weighted glass with a minimum of plastic in our space.  We are a certified "green" space.

  • There will be no TV -- but there will be a lot of interaction, dance and play!

  • We will take the children outdoors as much as possible - giving them opportunities to help in the garden and dig in the dirt in summer months, along with snowy adventures during the wintertime.

  • Both vaccination and non/delayed vaccination will be supported.

  • Gentle discipline will be supported.

  • Yoga, foreign languages & cultures, meditation, songs and instruments will be available to each child to explore.

  • We don't use anti-bacterial soap, but both big hands and little hands will be washed often. We only use all-natural cleaners in our home as much as regulations allow.


If you feel that Lovely Day Preschool is the right place for you and your child, please do contact us to set up a visit!


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