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Parent Handbook


To downlowd a PDF copy of the Lovely Day Parent Handbook click HERE.  





We would like to thank you for choosing Lovely Day Preschool.  We are blissfully dedicated to helping young minds thrive making it our goal to encourage the expansion of the whole child.  Our limited classroom size ensures that your child will get individualized care in order to better develop socially, emotionally, physically and mentally…naturally.   We look forward to guiding your child at a pace that maximizes their joy for learning that, in turn, builds up the children's self-confidence and self-esteem.



With inspriation from Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf), our classroom is set up to reflect the original ideals set forth by both of these teaching philosophies.  However, we do not limit ourselves to any one particular style.  With a foundation in attachment parenting, we focus solely on the childs needs.  We make every effort to seek out cutting edge educational methods and materials to compliment our learning environment by attending workshops and partaking in online courses, such as the TED talk series, the Peaceful Parenting Conference with Dr. Laura Markham, and Kelly Dorfman's presentation on name a few.  



Love, patience and respect support our preschool and it is with those core values in mind that we’ve written this handbook. In it you will find an outline of our policies and procedures, as well as our schedule of activities and other information.  It is important that you read it thoroughly before your child enters our care so that we may answer any questions that you may have at the start.  





Mary Archin




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