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Our Space


Being located in downtown Ithaca, we are fortunate to be able to travel short distances in order to explore our neighborhood.  You can also see us traveling to the children's garden when the weather allows or to "triangle park" in fall creek.  


Our address is 304 N. Geneva St. on the corner of Buffalo Street and from there you can see our custom built playhouse, suitable for young children.  The indoor classroom and garden porch are located on the second floor. 


DIRECTIONS:  Our rainbow spiral staircase entrance is on the Buffalo street side of the house, once on the porch, use the door to the left.   The outdoor play area is set back from both Buffalo and Geneva streets and is fenced on all sides with a playground designed by Play By Design, LLC of Ithaca, NY.   If parents choose to stroller their child/ren to preschool, there is stroller parking outside the classroom. 


Photo Tour of our indoor space coming soon...

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