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Our Menu

At lovely day we have created a fresh, organic menu to expose children to healthy, delicious foods at an early age.   When in season, all meals are prepared with a majority of locally grown organic ingredients. Not only is good nutrition paramount to good health, but creating a balanced plate is like artwork for your mind, body and spirit!   We stay away from processed and pasteurized foods whenever possible and instead opt for as many healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins and gluten free grains as we can.  


A sample of our menu is available upon request. 


With our amazing vitamix blender, we can create fresh smoothies with local, organic fruits and vegetables from a local CSA (when in season) and whenever possible.  As a fun activity, children will have the option to create their own healthy snacks and juices with the help of our experienced staff.  

Got Milk?

A few kinds actually.  We respect what pasteurization has done for the industrialized world, however, during the process of pasteurization, cows milk loses its natural balance and that makes it harder to digest and not as nutritionally abundant.  We would serve raw, organic cows milk if it  were an option in New York State, but until the laws change, we will serve organic coconut milk, organic rice milk and organic unsweetened almond milk in our recipes. 

Our Daily Bread.

Our Daily Bread.   Lovely Day founder, Mary Archin loves to bake!  but with allergies to gluten, soy and various other sensitivies, she has learned the art of baking outside the box.  She uses flours such as quinoa and chick pea and adds crushed flax seeds and chia seeds to add nutrition and texture.  She uses fruit sweeteners whenever possible and can easily swap out eggs for egg substitute.  

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