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Our Daily Schedule

At Lovely Day Preschool, the weekly schedule is created based on moods, temperaments, the weather and activities available to us around town.  The following information is meant to be a guideline, and is reflective of where we currently are in this season. 
All Year...

Children arrive between 8am and 9am and will engage in open play until around 9:15 when we put our snack.  after that, children can engage in more open play or can do the special activity for the day.  After that, the children are called for circle time with a song and they focus on the days theme.  Children are then re-directed to an activity, usually outdoors.  11:15am is lunchtime followed by quiet/nap-time for our full day students.  After nap, we wake up with stories and snack, followed by group activities such as 'simon says' yoga, art projects, dance parties and preschool band "practice" to name a few.  In general the morning is a time for the child to focus on their individual development, while in the afternoon they work together as an entire group. 


Fall Season

Marking the beginning of our school year, we gear our first months towards phasing in new students as well as acclimating them to our daily routines.  Field trips to the fire station coinciding with fire safety education, walks to the fall creek neighborhood to experience the decorations for Halloween, collecting the multi-colored leaves of fall at local parks, trips to the Commons to play on our way to the library as well as "get to know your neighborhood" adventures are just some of the things we will be focusing on this fall season. 



Winter Season

The wonders of this season make it one of our favorites and exciting for young children as they watch their environment transform before them so dramatically.  Our daily routine does not change much during the cold months, as we believe that with proper attire all weather has a gift to offer.  That being said, we will be outside every day except during extreme rain, hail, sleet or if its below 20 degrees.  Activities such as dressing for the cold, cooking, making breads, soups and stews and creating works of snow art will be a part of our curriculum.



Spring Season

During this very active season, we will spend a great deal of our work time preparing, planting and cultivating our garden. In the early spring, we will be learning how maple syrup is made too.  Trips to other gardens such as the Children's garden will enhance the children's experience :).  This is a messy season filled with puddles and mud so a few extra changes of clothes may be necessary.  On lovely days, we may take the children to the park and conduct outdoor preschool time under natures growing canopy.  


Summer Season

During the summer we will run the classroom as if we were a toddler outdoor exploration camp.  We will be outside as much as possible and have a few field trips per week to our various parks, farms and neighboring playgrounds.  We will also be caring for and harvesting our garden throughout the summer months. 



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