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Q: Is Lovely Day a lisensed business?

A: Lovely Day is an LLC that is fully insured, but we have decided not to be lisenced by the state at this time.  We do, however, comply with the state regulations as an exempt, in-home child care facility.

Q: FAQ. Can I bring my own diapers for you to use?

A: We provide either cloth diapers ordered through Jillian's Drawers or 7th generation disposable diapers (your choice), or, if you prefer, you may supply your own diapers.

Q: FAQ. My child has severe allergies, does your staff have expereince with this?

A: Yes, our staff has worked with children with allergies.  In the event that a child is anaphylaxis to a certain food, we will not have it in our classroom. 

Q: FAQ. Why does Lovely Day support vaccinated, delayed vaccination and non-vaccinated children. 

A: At the heart of attachment parenting is a set of parents folowing their instincts which might not always line up with the rational mind, but is none-the-less powerful.  Many who choose to not vaccinate their children do so because they "feel" it is not the right thing to do for their child and we repect that feeling as much as we would any other feeling that have about the well being of their child. 

Q: FAQ. Is the pre-school open year round?

A: Yes, and we are open during most school vacations as well.   

Q: FAQ. When do you enroll children?

we place children throughout the year based on availability.

Q: FAQ. Does Lovely Day serve a vegan menu?

A:  In a sense, mostly.   While we support the parents and children in whatever diet they so choose, at Lovely Day we focus on whole, raw fruits and vegtables  and stay away from grains, processed foods and pateurized foods, including dairy products and gluten.  For our baked snacks we use chick pea flour, eggs and almond milk, but in the event of an allergy, we can certainly swap out ingredients.

Q: FAQ. What is gentle discipline?


A: It is important to set healthy boundaries from an early age and in doing so we found the best way for us is though gentle parenting.  Gentle parenting is a method of establishing a connection with a child first and foremost before guiding them to more favorable action.  The idea is that a child acts up when they feel disconnected and sometimes just giving them a hug is all that it takes to set them back on course.  Once you have their connection/ attention, then they are in the right place to understand a new way of acting. 

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